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Greetings from beautiful Adriatic sea - Croatia (Hrvatska)


From the start your tourist guide, Albin Gjurasev from the city of Makarska (Dalmatia-Croatia), will welcome you.

I hereby wish to present vacation possibilities in Dalmatia, the most beautiful place on Earth. Exclusively intended for tourists, this presentation of Dalmatia reveals the natural beauty and tourist attractions of this region of Croatia in an interesting and colorful manner. I hope that you will enjoy the beauty of Dalmatia and that you will find something nice for yourself, and who knows, you might get inspired to spend your future holidays in Dalmatia!

Best regards, Your tour guide - Albin Gjurasev


(Suggestions for day trips & excursions with tips)

Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

Dubrovnik - Pearl of the Adriatic Sea

  • Dubrovnik is a medieval city on the Croatian side of the Adriatic sea.
  • Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.
  • Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.
  • The pharmacy in Dubrovnik is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe.
  • The best way to explore Dubrovnik is taking a walk along the city walls.
  • Take a look at museums, cathedral, churches, monasterys, palaces, aquarium, Dubrovnik's Old Port, island Lokrum, beaches, ropeway, Dubrovnik at night...

National Park Mljet

NP Mljet - National Park Mljet

  • The National Park Mljet is situated in southern Dalmatian archipelago.
  • This excursion programme guides you to St Mary's island - an island inside the island, in the centre of the Great lake on the island of Mljet. This island is a symbol of the island and the National Park Mljet.
  • Mljet is the most wooded island of the Adriatic. More then 70% of the area is covered with forests. Mljet has been given the attribute "green island".
  • You can find numerous Greek amphora and shipwrecks along the coast of Mljet.

Birthplace of Marco Polo

Ston - European Chinese Wall

  • Visit Ston and walk along the defensive walls from the 14th century!
  • Ston is protected and surrounded by an imposing fortification system, with longest walls in Europe. This is the longest, preserved fortification complex in the world, after the Chinese Wall; it had 40 towers and 7 fortresses.
  • In the past and also nowadays, the great importance have the salt works, fishing and sea shell production.
  • The elite restaurants in Ston - native Dalmatian kitchen will please the taste of even the most picky customers.

European Chinese Wall

Neretva - Delta of the River Neretva

  • The touristic offer of delta of the river Neretva contains of the organized tour through the intact nature, enjoying of the rich domestic nourishment and home-made drinks. This excursion is for those who truly love the nature, where they would experience the beauty of the coast and mountains of the only Croatian delta.
  • Sailing through swampy channels and marshes with the traditional Troop of Neretva.
  • Visit to the archeological locality of ancient, antique Narona.
  • Visit the ornithological museum too.

Delta of the River Neretva

Korčula - Birthplace of Marco Polo

  • Fortificated with towers and walls, carved as a beautiful jewel, Korčula is one of the most outstanding historical locations in Croatia.
  • The cultural and entertainment in Korčula offers a special, knight's game, Moreška, what's a symbol of the island. This game is performed since the 15th century, and originates from Spain.
  • Watching from above, one can see that the streets are placed in the shape of fish-bone. These fish-bone - like streets are one of the brands of this city.
  • Visit the Marco Polo’s house.

Mandarin - Tangerine

Plantations - Mandarin - Tangerine

  • Golden walley is a common name for the walley of the river Neretva, for its extremely rich soil, and golden - yellow fruits of endless tangerine plantations. Each year in autumn, there is a unique event for the tourists - mandarin harvest.
  • The river Neretva formed a great delta with 12 channels that lead into the sea. This delta is the seat for different plantations that produce various southern fruits.
  • This program is actual in autumn, the main harvesting season for tangerines (mandarins), kiwi, oranges, lemons, etc.

Modra Špilja

Blue Cave - Modra Špilja

  • Modra Špilja (Blue cave) on the island of Biševo, is one of the most favorite touristic spot!
  • There are many caves all around the islands in Dalmatia but the most beautiful is Modra Špilja. Looking the sunlight, it seems to be even more beautiful than the famous cave on Capri.
  • The cave with the underwater opening.
  • When the weather is sunny and the water smooth, sunlight goes through the undersea opening creating the fascinate blueness, and all objects plunged under the surface of the sea get silver radiance.

Ancient Town

Bol - Beach Zlatni Rat

  • Once a place of fishermen and peasants, today is an attractive tourist resort. East and west of Bol beautiful beaches are spread along the shore, the most famous and, according to many tourists, the most beautiful among them is Croatian beach "Zlatni Rat" on island of Brač.
  • Zlatni Rat is of special interest for swimmers and windsurfers.
  • In Bol is the celar of the first Dalmatian Winemaking Association.
  • Stretched Above Bol, there is Vidova Gora (778 m), the highest peak of Adriatic islands.

Beach Zlatni Rat

Rafting - through the Cetina Canyon

  • Rafting is one of the most exciting ways to learn about the river flow, and the surrounding landscape.
  • The grade of the flow strength is between 1 - 3 according to the International Rafting Federation.
  • This canyon was a site where the famous motion picture "Winnetou" was filmed.
  • Rafting ends at Radmanove Mlinice, in the nest of famous pirates from Omiš.
  • Note: The boat with the needed equipment, and the instructor that follows the group are included into the program.

through the Cetina Canyon

Hvar - Ancient Town

  • Hvar is a town and a port on the southeast coast of the island of Hvar. It lies in the bay protected by the island group Pakleni Otoci.
  • Hvar is the town with the highest air temperature in Croatia.
  • The climate is extremely Mediterranean; with a lot of sunny days, very few rainy days, and almost without any snow. For this there is a rule on the island - the tourist pay half price when there rains all day, and their stay is free of charge when there is snow, what almost never happens!

Pirates' Nest

Omiš - Pirates' Nest

  • This is a complex excursion program that contains a visit to Omiš, a well-known pirate town, and a visit to Radmanove Mlinice, a famous touristic spot and restaurant, surrounded by a beautiful nature, in the canyon of the river Cetina.
  • By the bridge of Omiš are "parked" the boats that take the guests and the visitors to the Radmanove Mlinice.
  • Radmanove Mlinice is a restaurant - tourist site, where one can feel the spirit of the past times, among the high trees, serenity of the old stone mill and the sun clock.

Archeological Relics

Salona - Archeological Relics

  • Salona is a famous archeological locality from the antique ages.
  • In Salona one can see the relics of the arena, forum, terms, bridges, necropolis - the sarcophagus at the ancient Croatian graveyard in Manastirine …
  • The total area surrounded by walls is 72 hectares. The longest axis is around 1,600 m, and the widest is around 700 m. The length of the rampart is 4 kilometers and there are also 90 towers.
  • The name Dalmatia originates from the Iliric tribe Dalmat, the pre-settlers of Salona.

UNESCO's World Heritage

NP Krka - National Park Krka

  • It was proclaimed for a national park in 1985, as the seventh in Croatia.
  • Viewing of the most imposing waterfalls in Europe is possible for the developed infrastructure of paths and bridges that follow the flow of the river. There are rest places at the most attractive spots.
  • Within the National park, there is a small island Visovac, with a monastery, which keeps valuable artistic collections of books, such as Aesop’s fables and tales.
  • To miss the opportunity to see all the beauties of National park Krka is impermissible.

National Park Krka

Šibenik - UNESCO's World Heritage

  • The historical city of Sibenik is tied to spreading and the development of the early Croatian state, and is rich for its numerous cultural and historical monuments.
  • The most important building project in the 15th century, was the construction and the building of the Cathedral, the most monumental and the richest gothic-renaissance church in Dalmatia. In order to construct and to build such monumental building, the best and the most skilled engineers were involved from whole Dalmatia and Italy.

UNESCO's World Heritage

Trogir - UNESCO's World Heritage

  • The place where the sun and the sea, stone and nature, communicate with life, and become one. For its extraordinary beauty and rich cultural heritage, this ancient city was listed to the UNESCO's records for its culture.
  • Trogir is placed on an island that was once made of three big rocks. They were connected by bringing additional rocks, until a small island was created.
  • Trogir is a treasury of arts, museum-city, a unique historical center where you can see the famous Radovan's portal, fortress Kamerlengo, artistic collections, etc.
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Photos & Pictures & Images

Below is a table with links to photo galleries - photos about beautiful Croatia Dalmatia (Hrvatska Dalmacija). All patterns are taken from this
video DVD tourist guide
across photos, pictures, images and films, assorted by regions (coast, islands and inland) and by places too in districts:
1. Dubrovnik region Dubrovnik; 2. Split region Split; 3. Šibenik region Šibenik; 4. Zadar region Zadar
Croatia 1Croatia 2Croatia 3Croatia 4Croatia 5
Places of Dalmatia 1. Dubrovnik 2. Split 3. Šibenik 4. Zadar
Coast (obala) → Molunat, Popovići, Cavtat,
Plat, Mlini, Srebreno, Kupari,
Sustjepan, Čajkovići, Komolac, Rožat,
Donje Obuljeno, Mokošica,
Zaton, Orašac, Trsteno, Brsečine, Slano, Doli,
Ston, Mali Ston, Broce, Kobaš, Hodilje, Luka,
Duba Stonska, Prapratno, Brijesta, Žuljana, Trstenik, Dingač Borak, Potomje, Kuna Pelješka, Crkvice,
Vela Prapratna, Trpanj, Duba Pelješka, Orebić, Kućište, Viganj, Nakovanj, Lovište,
Klek, Ploče
(Park of nature-Park prirode Biokovo),
Gradac, Brist, Podaca, Zaostrog, Drvenik, Živogošće, Igrane, Drašnice, Podgora, Tučepi, Makarska, Krvavica, Bratuš, Promajna, Baška Voda, Brela,
Pisak, Mimice, Lokva Rogoznica-Ruskamen, Omiš, Jesenice-Krilo, Jesenice-Suhi Potok, Podstrana, Stobreč,
Split, Vranjic,
Kaštel Sućurac, Kaštel Gomilica,
Kaštel Kambelovac, Kaštel Lukšić, Kaštel Stari, Kaštel Novi, Kaštel Štafilić,
Trogir, Seget Donji, Seget Vranjica,
Poljica-Marina, Marina, Vinišće, Sevid
Rogoznica, Primošten, Grebaštica, Brodarica, Zablaće,
Vodice, Tribunj, Pirovac, Ražanj
Pakoštane, Biograd na Moru, Sveti Filip i Jakov, Turanj, Sukošan,
Petrčane, Zaton, Nin, Ljubač, Rtina, Ražanac, Vinjerac, Posedarje, Novigrad, Gornji Karin, Rovanjska, Modrić,
NP Paklenica - National park Mala Paklenica (Nacionalni park),
NP Paklenica - National park Velika Paklenica (Nacionalni park),
Tribanj-Sv. Marija Magdalena
Islands (otoci) → Palagruža,
Sv. Andrija,
Koločep (Donje Čelo, Gornje Čelo),
Lopud (Lopud),
Šipan (Šipanska Luka, Suđurađ),
Mljet (NP Mljet - National park Mljet Nacionalni park, Blato, Kozarica, Babino Polje, Sobra, Prožurska Luka, Okuklje, Saplunara),
Lastovo (Ubli, Pasadur, Lastovo, Skrivena Luka),
Korčula (Korčula, Lumbarda, Žrnovo, Žrnovska Banja, Kneža, Račišće, Pupnat, Pupnatska Luka, Čara, Zavalatica, Smokvica, Brna, Prižba, Gršćica, Blato, Prigradica, Potirna, Vela Luka)
Biševo (Mezoporat, Salbunara, Porat, Polje),
Vis (Vis, Rogačić, Oključna, Stončica, Milna, Rukavac, Podselje, Marinje Zemlje, Podšpilje, Borovik, Podhumlje, Komiža), Svetac, Šćedro, Hvar (Sućuraj, Mlaska, Zastražišće, Poljica, Humac, Jelsa, Vrboska, Basina, Stari Grad, Male Rudine, Velike Rudine, Dol, Vrbanj, Svirče, Vrisnik, Pitve, Zavala, Gromin Dolac, Ivan Dolac, Jagodna, Sveta Nedjelja, Zaraće, Milna, Hvar), Brač (Bol, Murvica, Planica, Vela Farska,
Gornji Humac, Selca, Sumartin, Novo Selo, Povlja, Pražnice, Pučišća, Lovrećina, Postira, Dol, Splitska, Škrip, Nerežišća, Donji Humac, Dračevica, Supetar, Mirca, Sutivan, Ložišća, Bobovišća, Milna, Smrka),
Šolta (Maslinica, Rogač, Nečujam, Stomorska),
Drvenik Veli (Drvenik Veli),
Drvenik Mali (Drvenik Mali),
Čiovo (Okrug Donji, Okrug Gornji, Žedno, Arbanija, Slatine)
Krapanj (Krapanj),
Zlarin (Zlarin),
Prvić (Prvić Luka, Šepurine),
Kaprije (Kaprije),
Žirje (Žirje),
Murter (Tisno, Jezera, Murter),
Kornati NP Kornati - National park Kornati
(Nacionalni park),
Vrgada (Vrgada),
Pašman (Tkon, Ugrinić, Kraj, Ždrelac),
Ugljan (Kukljica, Kali, Preko, Sutomišćica), Ošjak,
Iž (Veli Iž, Mali Iž),
Rava (Rava, Mala Rava),
Dugi Otok (Park of nature-Park prirode Telaščica, Sali, Zaglav, Žman, Luka, Savar, Dragove, Božava, Soline, Veli Rat),
Rivanj (Rivanj),
Sestrunj (Sestrunj),
Zverinac (Zverinac),
Molat (Molat, Brgulje, Zapuntel),
Ist (Ist),
Premuda (Premuda),
Silba (Silba),
Olib (Olib),
Vir (Vir),
Pag (Miškovci, Dinjiska, Vlašići, Povljana, Pag)
Inland (kopno) → Pločice, Dunave, Ljuta, Pridvorje, Mihanići, Gabrili, Brotnice, Ćilipi,
Riđica, Lisac, Čepikuće, Smokovljani, Ošlje, Topolo, Vidonje, Komin, Opuzen, Podgradina,
Kula Norinska, Metković, Vid,
Baćina-Sladinac, Baćina, Baćina-Rudine,
Plina Istočna, Brista, Staševica, Pasičina, Pasika, Grnčenik
Vrgorac, Imotski, Lovreć Kula, Cista Velika, Podašpilje, Svinišće, Slime, Gornja Brela, Zadvarje, Podgrađe, Kostanje, Seoca, Ostrvica, Gata, Zakučac, Naklice,
Gornje Sitno, Dubrava, Donje Sitno, Žrnovnica, Kamen, Kučine, Solin, Klis, Vrsine, Draga,
Sapina Doca, Čačvina, Sinj, Vrlika
Cetina, Drniš, Dubrava,
NP Krka - National park Krka (Nacionalni park),
Knin, Dubravice, Sonković, Bribir, Ostrovica, Zečevo
Kašić, Budak, Vrana-Pakoštane, Donji Lepuri,
Podgrađe-Benkovac, Perušić Benkovački, Benkovac, Šopot, Tinj, Raštane, Islam Grčki, Donji Karin, Popovići, Zelengrad, Obrovac, Muškovci, Kaštel Žegarski, Grab

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